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Safety and Security Office

The safety of our students and employees and the security of all on-campus property and programs is the focus of the University of Guam Safety and Security Office, which works with students, faculty and others to prevent safety issues and provide a safe campus environment in which to live, learn, and work.For more information, contact: 


Safety and Security Office Location Map


Clery Act Campus Security and Fire Safety Report

In adherence to the Clery Act, the University of Guam posts the Campus Security and Fire Safety Report which is submitted annually to US DOE.

Bomb Threat Safety Procedure

In light of recent activities at Guam DOE, and with GWHS next to our campus, please take necessary actions to be knowledgeable of the attached UOG Bomb Threat Checklist.  A copy of this form should be near every phone in your area. 

If such threat occurs at UOG, protocols for notification and evacuation procedures will be in effect.  Keep in mind evacuation procedures are similar in process and accountability as you practiced in fire drills, and your rally points should avoid being near parking lot areas.

Download the UOG Bomb Threat Checklist

UOG Sexual Misconduct Policy

This policy prohibits all forms of sexual misconduct, including but not limited to sexual harassment, sexual assault, sex offense, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, and inappropriate amorous relationships. Further, this policy expressly prohibits retaliation against an individual because of their good faith participation in the reporting, investigation, or adjudication of violations of this policy. University students and employees who violate this policy will face discipline up to and including expulsion or termination. 

All members of the University Community must work together to prevent and eliminate sexual misconduct at the University of Guam. 

UOG Sexual Misconduct Policy (Updated March 17, 2016)

UOG Helpline Website 



Emergency Directory


*On Duty G4S Campus Security Radio



G4S Security Main Dispatch Office 24/7 649-9273 / 5
UOG Safety & Security Main Office M-F, 8am-5pm 735-2372
UOG Safety Inspector M-F, 8am-5pm 735-0332
UOG Student Health Center Main Office M-F, 8am-5pm 735-2225
Guam Police Department - Dispatch Office 24/7 472-8911
Guam Police Department - Hagatña Precinct 24/7 475-8537 / 41
Guam Fire Department - Barrigada Station 24/7 734-2264
Guam Homeland Security - Office of Civil Defense 24/7 475-9600
Guam Memorial Hospital 24/7 647-2555 ~ 9
Guam Regional Medical City 24/7 645-5500
UNITEK Environmental Guam Hazardous & Non-Haz Materials 565-3151
GRESCO Environmental Guam Non-Hazardous Materials 565-7473
Industrial Hygiene Professionals Haz-Mat Consultant 734-0749
UOG EEO Office M-F, 8am-5pm 735-2244 (Off)
735-HELP (Help)
UOG Violence Against Women Prevention Program / Counseling M-F. 8am - 5pm 735-2890
PEACE GUAM 24-hour Suicide Crisis Hotline







G4S Security Guard on Duty


G4S Dispatch Office Phone


G4S UOG Campus Advisory

Safety & Security Services Office



Emergency Assistance


Guam Police Department


Guam Fire Department


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